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 Courtney Lehman Osteoarthritis

How you live your life when your younger can and will effect how your body treats you when you get older. Although there are a few factors that can go into osteoarthritis; one main cause can be from joint injuries that have happened when you were younger that may not have healed properly causing pain and arthritis as you age.  And if you don’t know about the improper healing of your joints from an injury you may not know how to prevent yourself from getting ostoarthritis. 

There can be many different ways to help treat osteoarthritis even though is no cure for it there are ways to help with the pain and possible loss of use depending on where the arthritis is.  One great way to treat osteoarthritis is the good old way of exercise. It can be tough for many people to get in to exercise  routine but in the end it will be better for your body than shoving pills into it. Doing low impact exercises like walking or biking that don’t put strain on your body but strengthen your muscles will help with joint pain.

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