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Block Cipher 

Question: Let temp_block denote a Sage variable that contains the output of the first application of function fK (f_K in the Sage example code) while encrypting with Simplified DES.  Using subroutines from the example sage Code, write sage code to recover the input block passed to Simplifed DES Decrypt.  Meaning reverse the first steps in Simplified DES Encrypt. You may assume that you have the first round key in a variable K1. Using subroutines from the Sage example code for Simplified DES, write a function to compute Simplified DES Decrypt.

  Topics: Traditional Block Cipher Structure The Data Encryption Standard – DES and Strengths Block Cipher Design Principles Multiple Encryption and Triple DES Electronic Codebook Cipher Modes and Format-Preserving Encryption

Chapter 7: Block Cipher Operations

 Chapter 4: Block Ciphers and the Data Encryption Standard  

Text book

 Stallings, Williams. Cryptography and Network Security. Pearson, 2017. 

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