school racial segregation

Impact of school racial segregation as a source of academic achievement disparities between black and white student in the contemporary united state


School racial is a hot topic in the United States of America and with this study we try to analyze the impact of distinct forms of school racial segregation on black/white achievement gaps. According to James Baldwin (the native son) the blacks in the society have no say and they are supposed to behave in a certain way for failure to do so or simply stand up for one’s right then one should be ready to face enmity from the surrounding community. This study we will show what racial segregation has done to the students and affected the academics as a whole.

Racial segregation affect blacks for they attend schools that are poorly resourced leading to poor performance in schools..

Research objectives

The primary intention of the study is to establish the outcomes of this racial segregation. The study seeks to offer a. number of answers, pointing to factors ranging from inequalities in students’ social class backgrounds to differences in cultural orientations toward schooling to various inequalities between and within schools themselves.

Research statement

Racial segregation is the act of forbidding people certain privileges like schools, restaurants, churches or other facilities simply because of the color of their skin. In this research we tend to show what impact racial segregation has over our schools.

Research questions

  1. How does racial segregation affect performance in schools?
  2. How does racial segregation affect interactions of pupils in school?

Theoretical framework Racial segregated schools tend to be unequally resourced. Studies have shown that schools with higher percentages of racial minority students are under resourced compared to white schools in terms of class sizes, school facilities, funding, and curricula. Teacher quality and mobility are of particular concern, as studies have found higher percentages of novice and less qualified teachers, lower levels of overall teacher experience, and higher rates of teacher turnover in predominantly minority schools. Attending separate schools thus means attending unequally resourced schools, which is an advantage for white students and a disadvantage for black students. Second and primarily, though, school segregation concentrates the stratification of resources emanating outside of schools that students bring with them to school. In the context of intergroup relations in the contemporary United States, whites constitute the dominant group and tend to have more resources than blacks i.e. more wealth and income (Oliver and Shapiro 2006), a lower poverty rate (Rank 2005), higher employment rates (Boardman and Field 2002), higher levels of educational attainment (Orfield, Marin, and Horn 2005), better health (Feagin and McKinney 2005), and so on. When white and black children attend separate schools which is primarily but not solely because they live in separate neighborhoods (Sohoni and Saporito 2009; Goldsmith 2010) white students are surrounded by classmates whose families tend to possess more of these non-school while black students are surrounded by classmates whose families tend to possess fewer of them.School segregation, then, intensifies group stratification by creating resource-rich educational environments for white students and resource-poor educational environments for black students. Importantly, this is true of both resources that emanate outside of schools and school resources themselves. In these ways, school and neighborhood segregation work together to generate unequal educational opportunities for white and black students, with important implications for black/white inequalities in learning. School segregation involves both the problem of unequally resourced schools and the unequal distribution of resources in neighborhoods that become concentrated in the educational

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