Security Architecture Of Osi

Describe the key security requirements of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Describe the X.800 security architecture for OSI. Discuss the types of security threats and attacks that must be dealt with and give examples of the types of threats and attacks that apply to different categories of computer and network assets. Explain the fundamental security design principles. Discuss the use of attack surfaces and attack trees. List and briefly describe key organizations involved in cryptography standards.
Chapter 1 Lecture Slides
Read Chapter 1 of Textbook Read “Why Cryptography Is Harder Than It Looks ” by Bruce Schneier 1997 OSI Security Architecture PP Slides

Assignment 1.1 What is the OSI security architecture?1.2 What is the difference between passive and active security threats?1.3 List and briefly define categories of passive and active security attacks.1.4 List and briefly define categories of security services.1.5 List and briefly define categories of security mechanisms.1.6 List and briefly define the fundamental security design principles.1.7 Explain the difference between an attack surface and an attack tree.

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