Sharepoint Online Operation Admin Guide Based On Exising Table Of Content


· Global O365 Tenant Settings relevant to SPO, and recommended settings Multi Factor Authentication Sign In Page customization External Sharing

· Global SPO settings and recommended settings Manage External Sharing Site Creation Settings

· Information Architecture and Hub Site Management Site Structure Create and manage Hub Site

· Site Administration Create Sites Delete Sites Restored Deleted Sites Manage Site Admins Manage Site creation Manage Site Storage limits Change Site Address 

· Managed Metadata (Term Store) Introduction Setup new term group sets Create and manage Terms Assign roles and permission to       Manage term sets

· Search  Search Content Search Center Crawl Site content Remove Search results Search Results Manage Search Query Manage Query Rules Manage Query Suggestion Manage result sources Manage search dictionaries

· Security (identity – internal / external, and authorization – management of platform level) Control Access of Unmanaged       devices Control Access of Network       location Authentication Safeguarding Data Sign out inactive users

· Governance – e.g. labels, retention, etc. Data Classification Create and Manage labels

· Data loss prevention

· Create and Manage security policies

· Devices Security policies

· App permission policies

· Data Governance

· Retention Policies

· Monitoring and alerting Create and Manage Alerts Alert Policies

· SharePoint Migration Tool Overview

· Operational tasks for managing the health of the environment, alerting, etc. File Activity report Site usage report Message Center Service Health

· Common issue resolution and FAQ

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