Social Change

Social Change

Alignment Evaluation Criteria

Aligning various components of research ensures consistency from the title of the study, problem statement, purpose, research questions, to the data collection techniques, which in turn enhances transparency and logic of study. Evaluating consistency of a study ensures that data collection methods satisfy the research design, which in turn answers the research questions. The research questions satisfy the research purpose, whichaddresses the study problem. Notably, the research problem determines the research design and not viceversa(Vogt, Gardner & Haeffele, 2012, p. 40). Social Change

Data collection techniques should aid collection of adequate information in terms of quality and volume to enhance the intended research design. For instance, for collaborative and adaptive research, data collection techniques are supposed to enhance collection of enough information to aid deriving of a solution and support research. Therefore, qualitative research methods of data collection such as semi-structured interviews are necessary to ensure collection of enough data, which can be analyzed qualitatively and additionally using statistical approaches(Vogt, Gardner & Haeffele, 2012, p. 170). Social Change

The research design should provide answers to the predetermined research questions, whereby an analysis of the collected data, should lead to conclusions of the issues under investigation. For example if one of the research question is to establish how presidential debates influence voters’ decision making, data collected should provide adequate information to the matter. For instance, by concluding such debates influence voters’ decisions negatively or positively. According to Vogt, Gardner, and Haeffele, (2012, p. 175), the research questions should fulfil the purpose of the study; for instance, the questions should seek to explain the reasons for carrying out a particular investigation. “Walden University,”(2015b) also insists that the purpose of a study is supposed to address the research issue, whereby the researcherdescribes what to do with the problem. Finally, the problem statement should posses s appropriate use of words to provide consistency and statements substantiated with citations and references. Social Change

Reflection: Agent of Change

 Research knowledge and skills gained from the above alignment evaluationenhancesconducting of a positive change oriented study, which can simultaneously satisfy a problem solving and a research purpose. Such a study should involve an exploratory objective to gather more information regarding an issue followed by interventional strategy(“Walden University,” 2015b). The research questions should seek to establish more information on the matter and identify appropriate actions to address the problem. A research design that is collaborative and adaptive should be used to collect adequate information to offer an understanding regarding the issue and identify the best actions to take. Finally, the cycle should be severally repeated from identification of the problem to the identification of the best action until an in depth understanding of the issue is acquired. Social Change


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