Socw 6202 Week 6 Assignment Scholar Practitioner Project Unhealthy Family Roles In Addiction Recovery


Assignment: Scholar Practitioner Project: Unhealthy Family Roles in Addiction Recovery

One of the most common ways that families attempt to maintain balance is by ignoring the addiction problem. Families attempt to keep a false sense of normalcy by following three rules: no talking, no feeling, and no trusting. Members learn to shield themselves from hurt by learning not to feel, and because their trust in the addicted parent or spouse has been violated one too many times, they learn not to trust.

Children growing up in these unstable families often adapt by taking on unhealthy roles. These roles each have distinct traits and are taken on for one reason only—to survive the dysfunctional family dynamics. These roles do nothing to help the child, the addicted parent, or other family members. If the situation does not change, these children may carry these roles into their adult lives and perpetuate similar addiction-related problems in their own families.

For this Assignment, you examine unhealthy family roles. You explore how these roles might impact addiction recovery.


In a 600-word APA-formatted paper, address the following: Describe any unhealthy      family roles exhibited by Marge’s husband in the media. Explain what roles her      children have assumed when dealing with Marge’s addiction. Select one of these      unhealthy family roles. Explain how this role could      impact Marge and her family. As an addictions      professional, explain how you might address this unhealthy family role.      Provide two resources that would be useful.

Support your response using the resources from the following providing at least 4 references and citations.

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