Tech And Society Ethical Explorer

Specific Details: 5-7 pages, Times New Roman font size 12, double spaced, one-inch margins; parenthetical citations (MLA style) with Works Cited page; Insert page numbers at the top-right corner of the page in the following manner: Last Name, 1.

The two movies you will write about is “Never let me go” and “limitless”

1) Please select two science-fiction movies from the Maynard book 2) Identify and explain concrete possibilities and problems—or positives and negatives—raised by the technology in these films based upon social principles reviewed in the course. 3) Explain how a philosophy of technology connects to these films and their technological imaginings.  4) Please reflect on what you have learned in this course and how you might ‘translate’ these ideas to a friend with whom you are watching a Sci-Fi movie (and who doesn’t have this educational experience!).

Bellow is example of my discussion post to get an idea how to attack the questions

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