Test Critique Powerpoint

Topic: Develop a brief PowerPoint presentation (4-5 slides, not including the title) that will acquaint your classmates with the test/assessment of your choice. In the Notes section of presentation, include a narrative explaining each slide.

Each slide must contain at least 3 bullet points. Focus on elements of the assessment that you would like to learn more about (e.g., purpose, norming population, reliability and validity characteristics, etc.). You may use the same test for the Test Critique assignment due in Module/Week 7. You may find tests by viewing the publisher web sites, Pearson Assessment or MHS Assessments. They provide all the information you need for the assignment (e.g., purpose of the test, population served, time to complete, cost, etc.).

Support the major points made in the presentation using appropriate sources. A minimum of 2 citations must be present. Where appropriate, include Christian worldview or biblical themes as well. Each reply must also be supported by at least 1 citation from class or outside materials.

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