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 Topic: video games (positive)

Guidelines for Discussions and Discussion Papers

In order to contribute to your learning on selected topics in child development, we will have four formal discussion days.  You will be notified in class which side of the topic you will be writing about (that is, for or against).

Before the discussion, begin your paper with a paragraph or two about your initial feelings about the topic and what makes you feel that way.  Then educate yourself about your side of the argument (which may not be the side you believe in!), using a source of information outside your textbook, such as a magazine or journal article, another book, or a website.  Include in your paper a brief summary of your research finding.  Make sure you cite your source in your paper, with page number if you’re using a direct quote (ex.: Smith, Jones, & Babinski, 2009, p. 206) – use the references handout from class.  Cite the full reference at the end of your paper.  Be prepared to share a point that supports your side of the topic in class.

During the discussion, participate!  We’re trying to educate each other about the pros and cons of these controversial issues.  I would like to hear from everyone at least once.

After the discussion, finish your paper with a paragraph or two about your feelings about the topic now, such as:  Did your feelings about the topic change?  Why or why not?   What do you see as the most compelling argument or arguments that support your current opinion?  Bring your paper to the next class or turn it in on Isidore.

Your paper should be at least 300 words in length and is due on the date indicated on Isidore.  Late papers will have points deducted.  Each of the four papers is worth 10 points.  Grading will be based on both content and style (grammar and spelling).

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