Time Management 19805531

The Assignment

In this assignment, you will download the provided word document, make modifications, submit the file to the assignment link. 

Click to open and download your assignment file:  Time_Management_Starter_File.docx Time_Management_Starter_File.docx – Alternative Formats

 (opens in a new window) This assignment has three parts: Part 1: List and Compare, Part 2: Revise, Part 3: Reflect. Complete all three parts of this assignment to earn full credit. Post your answer to each question on the assignment file in RED FONT. Save the file. Close the file Submit to this assignment link. Grading Criteria Answer each part of the assignment. There are three parts.  Student answers will vary.  Answer each question in full to receive top score. Partial answers will earn partial credit.  Post your answers in red font on the file. Each answer’s top score is valued on the assignment sheet as follows: Part 1: 30 points, Part 2: 30 points, Part 3: 40 points.


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