To Complete This Assignment Read The Place Of International Human Resource

To complete this assignment, read The Place of International Human Resource Management in International Business (Links to an external site.) by Welch and Björkman (2014).  (Citation: Welch, D., & Björkman, I. (2014). The place of international human resource management in international business. Management International Review, 55(3), 303-322. doi:10.1007/s11575-014-0226-3)

The article debates the important international business issue of whether International Human Resource Management (IHRM) is disconnected from other International Business (IB) studies (Welch & Björkman, 2014, p. 303).

In one page or less, after reading the article, discuss your position as to whether IHRM is indeed disconnected from IB studies or whether the two are intertwined.  Support your position in APA format, using citations from the article and any supporting research you may conduct. See the Purdue Online Writing Lab  (Links to an external site.)if you need help with formatting and citing your work. Submit your completed paper.

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