To Prepare For This Discussion Complete The Readings In Your Learning Resources Review The Profiles Of The Various Healthcare

prepare for this Discussion:  Complete the readings in your Learning Resources.  Review the profiles of the various healthcare managers who work in a healthcare setting in this week’s Required Media. (Click on the organizational charts to learn more about the healthcare professionals in direct, nondirect, and physician practice settings.

Buchbinder, S. B., & Thompson, J. M. (2010). Career opportunities in health care management: Perspectives from the field. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett

Post a comprehensive response to the following: Explain the roles and functions of healthcare managers and leaders in direct and nondirect service healthcare settings.  Select one individual from a direct care setting and one individual from a nondirect setting in either the Welcome to Waldenville or the Good Samaritan Hospital’s Organization Chart—Week 1 media, and describe their core competencies.  How are these core competencies of the featured leaders similar and different?  In which setting would you prefer to work, and why? 

Please be sure to cite your resources using APA style within your post. Please try to select specific public health examples that are different from those posted by your classmates for this discussion.

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