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Services Marketing
As it relates to the marketing of the offering, what are some of the most important distinctions between marketing a tangible (physical) product as opposed to a service?  Discuss in general, what the marketing manager needs to keep in mind when marketing a service.

The marketing of the tangible products is very different from the marketing of the service. People can see and feel the product while the services are mostly experiences. Hence while marketing a service; a manager needs to convey the feel of the service through the marketing activities. This may include promises, visuals and pictures of a good experience and so on. The managers cannot show a sample of service to the customers like in the product marketing and hence this makes it difficult for them to convince the customers. Hence the marketing managers need to keep in mind that the promises and promotions they carry out for marketing services should not be over stated as the customers build their expectations about the services based on it. This is not like product marketing where the customers form expectations by really seeing and feeling the products. Hence in services if the customers create high expectations then later on it may result in dissatisfaction when they find the services not at par with the promise made.
At times it is difficult to differentiate between services and products in businesses where the final offering is a mix of two. Like a customer at Starbucks sells coffee and eatables which are tangible products to the customers but the customers also visit star bucks for an experience.
Differentiation  What are some of the difficulties involved in differentiating a service vs. a tangible product?

The challenge faced by the marketing manager involved is about the experience the consumer experiences. For example, companies like – Ritz Carlton and Lift have created a totally different experience for the consumers due to the seamless service they provide to its customers. Another, difficulty is that if the product is found faulty or defected can be replaced and it doesn’t affects much on the company’s reputation. whereas, if the quality of service is compromised it may have huge impact on the company’s reputation as it can’t be reversed. Also, other characteristics of services are they are perishable (Can’t be stored they need to be performed on real time basis on the individual consuming services) and Heterogeneity (Experience depends person to person).    Branding  What are some issues that marketing managers face when branding a service?

Branding provides a unique identity to the product or service. It distinct the company’s products to it’s competitors. Thus, the marketing managers face difficulty in branding a service due to the features of services like: (1) Intangibility, that is it can’t be seen or touched but can only be experienced. (2) Perishable, Can’t be stored or inventory of services can’t be kept. (3) Heterogeneity, experience of services depends or varies on every individual’s experience. Branding for services is mostly built around the word of the mouth publicity.

How do they use the brand elements (see earlier branding discussion if necessary) differently as opposed to marketers of physical products?
Service Quality Model
Take a look at the Service-Quality model as shown on page 373 of the textbook.  Using this as a framework, identify “Gaps” that you yourself have experienced in encountering service companies, or companies selling physical products but have a service-related component to them (e.g. Appliance manufacturer w/ after-market service).  Discuss/Explain what you encountered with that organization.  What solutions would you propose to the company, had they asked.

The most important distinction between a service and product is the form. A product is a tangible thing that can be touch, felt or seen. Whereas, the services are intangible they can only be experienced by the consumers of service. thus, when marketing a product company can adopt different strategies like offering free samples, trial products etc whereas, in case of services companies may have to adopt a strategy like gathering consumers feedback on the social media platform as service industry mostly works on the word of the mouth or publicity.
When marketing services the marketing manager needs to keep in mind that the services are intangible they can only be experienced by the consumers. Thus, the manager has to constantly reinforce and build its brand in such a way that it creates the goodwill of the service brand in the market. So he has to make sure that the brand gains the significant value in the market. Specially the service brands concerned with the Health, Fitness, Beauty, Dental, Medicare, Aviation etc.  
Post Sales
The more complicated a product (computers, appliances, automobiles, etc …) the likelier it is that the marketer will have a comprehensive post-sale (after your purchase) service program.  How are marketers using Social Media to keep you loyal?

If you want your social media marketing to be successful, you want engaged, dedicated and loyal supporters. Social media followers are a diversion. Don’t just focus on this. Brand loyalty is what matters. This will naturally ensure a long-term commitment to social media. Luckily, there are a variety of approaches that can help you build customer loyalty and improve the brand’s online image.
In today’s highly competitive market, brand loyalty is incredibly hard to come by. Consumers have multiple options accessible, making it easy for you to lose them to competitors. Follower numbers may increase new followers’ perception of your brand, but it’s the loyal followers who add real value eventually.
A thousand loyal followers are worth far more than 10,000 indifferent followers. Loyal followers are more likely to interact with your posts and create meaningful conversations. Real engagement is more valuable to your online image and SEO than follower count.
Loyal social media followers are high potential brand advocates. They’re very likely to talk about your brand positively, even without persuasion. The right social media campaign can turn several loyal fans into invaluable messengers spreading awareness about your brand.

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