Understanding of different concepts to the targeted audience

Understanding of different concepts to the targeted audience

Education involves the understanding of different concepts to the targeted audience. The development of teaching skills is useful because it assists in making the students aware of the discussions in class. The topic selected for the research paper is on education which will illustrate the techniques to be used to teach young students in the class to help them enjoy the lecture. The focus of the research will be to describe the emerging principles and techniques that are useful to encourage and awaken the curiosity and desire for students to learn.

There are various techniques which have been selected as the aspects which will be useful to make the lesson enjoyable. The selected teaching techniques consist of a flipped classroom model. Primarily the method involves encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before the lesson begins (Li et al. 33). The importance of this technique will assist in elaborating dynamic environment that the students can devote their interest to answer any question. The other technique to be used in teaching lesson is the design thinking strategy which involves a case method. The technique is based on resolving real-life cases through brainstorming, creative ideas, group analysis, and innovation. The last procedure which will also be put in place is the development of self-learning (Arthurson 2). The primary concern is to let students explore the areas of interest and learn for themselves.

The teaching plan which was being developed is almost done at the moment. I have prepared the lesson objective of the lesson plan. The other aspect which I have put in place is the overview of the timeline in which the lesson will take to make it enjoyable to the students. The remaining elements entail the need to know the students who will take place in the teaching process. The other item is the determination on the use of multiple student interaction patterns that suits them.

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