Unit 1 Readings And Video Response Essay

The Discipline of Politics and Political Science

Watch the video on Praxis and EffectivenessRobert Brem on Praxis and Effectiveness (Links to an external site.)  and also read the “Democracy in 21st Century America” text book (pages 1 to 55 AND pages 221 to 224) and answer the question: Relative to the Criteria of Effectiveness and its three components (see both the video and the article “Four Criteria of Ethical Policy Evaluation” on pages 221 to 224), which of the three facets of effectiveness (efficiency, sufficiency, or equity) do you consider the most important? And how do you meet the needs of the other two which you deem not as important? Why? Explain your answer using the idea of Praxis (in the video) in support of your answer! Reference text materials utilizing “in-text citation” style (re

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