Web Browser Forensics

In this assignment,  you are going to write a 5-pages without reference page and title research paper in APA format, with all supporting references and visuals on the following : What is Computer Forensics and what are the different areas of Computer (or Digital as it is sometimes called) Forensics? What is your experience with Computer Forensics? What is Web Browser Forensics and why is it so important? What are the different types of web browsers based on use and popularity? Compare and contrast the top 5-10 web browsers. Which web browser do you use and why? What is the ranking of the web browsers in the top 5, in terms of security and why (compare and contrast)? Does it matter the operating system when it comes to the web browser? What are the different web browser artifacts and where can they be found? How do the top web browsers differ and how are they alike? What are the top paid and unpaid tools used for web browser forensics?

APA Format, References, intext citations, detailed research paper


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