Why Does The Employee Experience Matters

Why does the employee experience matters – NOT – why does the experience employee matters. For example you work for a company, why is it important that you enjoy your job ?

This paper is already written and done INCORRECTLY:

Ø 6 to 8 pages (total) double space using Arial 12 point font and one inch margins

Ø Include a cover page and a reference page (2 pages out of the 6 to 8 pages) and include a minimum of four current references

Ø Use headings and sub-headings to guide the reader.

Please re-write the paper to reflect the following:


**Why does the employee experience matter when it comes to the company making a profit ( example would be an unhappy employee can neglect to complete tasks ( an example a roofer forgets to add nails to the roof, the roof may cave in) this may lead to injury’s. Another example can be – a companies reputation can be bruised or tarnished because of their displeased employees. 

**  How the employee experience can affect productivity/innovation – Why does an employees happiness cause more productivity and creativity. 

**   How the employee experience can affect retention and hiring. – this is simple – if an employee is not happy they wont want to stay with the company – the hiring process is costly and can cause other employees to be less motivated. 

**   How the employee experience can effect external customers. – Employees who are in a positive environment tend to retain customers of the company and employees who are in a negative environment may push away customers … 

Please let me know if you have questions at all – this is very important. 

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