Womens Voices, history homework help


Question and answer format.

Each answer must be a minimum of 100 words.

Women’s Voices

Why do you think the mental states of women played such an important role in the works of female authors of this period?How do classic American themes like equality change in women’s literature?In what ways do the works written by women differ formally–in how they are written and organized–from those written by men?What topics do women mention that men do not, and vice versa?Are male writers from the period more or less likely to reflect older, oral traditions of storytelling than female writers? Why do you think this is?In what areas of their work are women writers most likely to use nonrealistic elements?The women’s movement gained considerable momentum during this period, but there was no cohesion among the women. Social class differences among women caused strife among the poor, middle class, and rich because they were not equals in American society. Why do you think class differences played such an important role when these women were all supposedly fighting for a common cause?Do women writers portray members of different socioeconomic classes differently than male writers do?

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